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If you think your home, office, vehicle, bank, store, school is secure with your current security set-up, think again.

You forgot to cover a very important mode of entry -- through a window. No sensors, lights, locks, alarms, cameras or intercoms are going to prevent an intruder breaking and entering through a window. Now, there is now a laminate that we can apply to your windows to increase your safety, that is impact resistant and will deter the intruder's speed of entry. This will give police additional time to respond to the security system you now have in place. These clear and permanent laminates, when properly applied to existing windows, can easily provide greater safety and security. 


Thomas Adams & Sons has joined with Clear-Armor LLC (, to become the only certified, accredited ACE Laminate installer of high technology laminates in both Illinois and Wisconsin. We are providing this cutting-edge technology to both the residential and commercial real estate marketplaces.

These laminates can also provide additional energy-efficiency by reducing heat and solar loads in all types of buildings. These laminates are manufactured to provide many useful benefits which include:

  • Burglar resistance against "smash and grab"
  • Bullet resistance
  • Impact resistance against physical entry
  • Burn resistance against fires
  • Wind resistance against flying objects and broken glass
Don't be fooled that other security films that appear to give you the same features as ACE Laminates. ACE exceeds other company's claims by developing the only bullet resistant laminate in the market.
Thomas Adams & Sons has been installing this cutting edge product on the windows of Chicagoland homes for improved energy efficiency and commercial buildings for both energy efficiency and greater security for nearly a year.

Some of the first installations of these laminates have been on windows of numerous banks and buildings in Illinois and neighboring states, including the Western Union building in Chicago, Illinois.

Call us today at (847) 205-1131 to request addition information and a security evaluation of your home or building.

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